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Amlet is the regtech model of smart, efficient and secure due diligence

Like eIDAS framework, but stronger

Amlet is much more than just a Digital Identity

SSI offers an interaction very similar to SPID technology: a qrcode is framed and a window opens asking for some information to be transferred. In addition to the personal data, now contained in our SPID, with SSI we can certify some of our qualities or properties: the possession of a degree, a vaccination, our work.

Il mondo della Self-Sovereign Identity

Amlet anticipa il futuro, grazie alla tecnologia SSI

La tecnologia su cui si basa Amlet è il framework Self-Sovereign Identity, SSI. Si tratta di un sistema in grado di garantire identità digitali decentralizzate facendo uso di un registro distribuito, blockchain, ovvero la stessa tecnologia alla base di Bitcoin.

The Self-Sovereign Identity world

Amlet anticipates the future, thanks to SSI technology

Amlet is based on Self-Sovereign Identity framework, SSI. It is a system able to guarantee decentralized digital identities by making use of a distributed ledger, the same technology enabling Bitcoin.

Get to know our system

Amlet guarantees the highest level of security on the market

Amlet uses Dizme, an app developed by Infocert, to identify its customers. We rely on a certification authority to be interoperable with public identities, such as SPID, and to guarantee the highest level of security for our customers.